Course of Study :

Classes meet weekly on Wednesdays between 18:15-21:45, from the end of October until the end of June.
Classes take place at the Israel Psychoanalytic Institute in Jerusalem.  Each meeting includes: 2 Seminars of 1.5 hours each; one is theoretical and the other is a clinical/technical seminar.
The studies include subjects like: Basic concepts in psychoanalytic theories of development and personality; Psychopathological processes in personality disorders; Psychoanalytic understanding of various treatment techniques.
In addition, students participate in two workshops on specialized topics. 
Students are invited to the scientific lectures of the Psychoanalytic Institute.
Treatment and Supervision:
Students are required to treat patients in individual psychotherapy, under supervision, during the entire course of study. The minimum is 8 hours of psychotherapy per week, with at least one case being seen twice-a-week.
Each student has to be in individual supervision, two hours per week with two different supervisors who are approved supervisors for the program. The supervisors are members of the Psychoanalytic Institute or are Senior Candidates at the Psychoanalytic Institute. Supervision should continue throughout the program’s duration. At least one of the supervisors should be from outside the place of work of the student.

Admissions Process