Rafael Moses, A short History of Psychoanalysis in Palestine and Israel

Rafael Moses describes the beginning: the immigration of analysts from Europe top Palestine  in the shadow of the spreading  Nazism, the founding of the Society by Eitingon and 4 colleagues.
He describes at length the 50th as years of vast development, the profound and strong ties between psychoanalysis and the developing area of psychiatry: psychoanalysts are at the head of most of the mental health institutions and are active at teaching psychiatrists.
Psychoanalysis is transmitted through various teaching settings, including the establishment of the 3 years psychotherapy course in the Institute by E. Gumbel, with hundreds of graduates in all mental health fields.
The ethics of providing analysis at a cost that the patient can pay, set by Eitingon,  continues.
In the shadow of wars: The Six Days War and latter the Yom Kipur War are the background for  Moses, Gad Tadmor's and others to research and treat  shell shock reactions. They  have a leading role in building the  infrastructure for treatments in the front line and in the XXX עורף
Moses speaks about the shadow of the Holocaust on the Israeli society, the special relations and group work done with the Israeli society and the two psychoanalytic German societies.
At the time he writes (1998) , the society has 100 members and 60 candidates.
A Short History of Psychoanalysis in Palestine and Israel, 1998