The 30th IPA Congress in Jerusalem, 1977

In 1977, 44 years after the founding the society, the 30
th Congress of the International Psychoanalytic Association took place in Jerusalem. It was the first congress of the IPA outside Europe.

The IPS had at that time 40 members and 40 candidates. The congress hosted 1500 participants.

In connection with the Congress, Martin Wangh initiated an international appeal to collect money for the establishment of a Freud Chair for the study of psychoanalysis at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During the Congress the Chair and Center were announced. A lecture sent by Anna Freud was read at the amphitheater at Mount Scopus. Freud and Eitingon's wish to have a chair for psychoanalysis at the Hebrew University, rejected several times since 1932, was finally fulfilled. It was the first Chair for psychoanalysis within a university. 

In their opening remarks both Rafael Moses (President of IPS) and Erich Gumbel (past-President) described the history of the society, its present situation in the local and international context.

Gumbel ends by stating:

It seems to me that no less than at the beginning of the century, today too, psychoanalysis needs pioneers, people who are involved and willing to search and to work courageously and independently for a better understanding of humanity."

It was true then as it is now. 

Opening by Rafael  Moses

Opening by Erich Gumbel